Residential Dumpster Rental: What Size Dumpster Do You Need?

Are you considering a residential dumpster rental for your next project? With all of the options available, deciding on the right size for your needs can seem difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you determine the best solution for your specific requirements. 

Keep reading to learn more about selecting the right residential dumpster size to rent for your upcoming project: 

Types of Residential Projects That Dumpsters Can Help With

Spring Cleaning 

Need to throw away large amounts of items in bulk? A short-term dumpster rental helps get you through your spring cleaning without limits on the quantity or size of items you wish to discard. 

Home Renovations 

Renovating a home involves replacing a large amount of materials with new ones. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, or other large materials, having a central point of disposal can streamline the cleanup process so that you can continue toward the project’s completion. 

Multi-Unit Renovations 

Similar to homes, apartment and condominium complexes generate the same types of waste as single-family residences but in exponentially larger amounts. Where a house may only have one old oven to dispose of, a portion of an apartment complex could have tens more. Here, a larger dumpster than one that would be used for a single-family renovation would be necessary. 

Multi-Unit Waste Disposal 

Unlike neighborhoods of single-family homes, apartment and condo complexes often provide large trash receptacles for their residents to dispose of their waste. For these multi-unit communities, having an adequate amount of smaller dumpsters on-site can help keep the grounds clean and avoid attracting unwanted pests that may want to peruse through the trash bags that your tenants dispose of. 

For a multi-unit complex, a series of 3-yard dumpsters would prove effective. These can be placed in areas like parking lots without competing against tenant vehicles for space. They can also be easily emptied out and replaced when needed. 

Hoarding Cleanup 

Those living with a hoarding disorder who wish to clean out their home can benefit from a dumpster service along with the aid of a professional organizer and/or mental health professional. 

Homes that have filled up with hoarded items often contain too much waste volume to clean out with regular garbage cans. Use of a dumpster helps to handle the excessive amount of items to be disposed of in an efficient and dignified manner. 

Which Type of Residential Dumpster Rental Is Right for You?

As you are considering your residential dumpster rental options, you might be wondering which size is right for your project. Should you select a larger or smaller dumpster to handle the amount of waste you expect to generate? 

For residential projects, 40-yard, 30-yard, 10-yard, and 3-yard dumpsters are the most common. Here are some of the key features of each size to keep in mind: 

40-Yard Dumpster

The largest standard dumpster size is the 40-yard dumpster. These are ideal for medium or large construction projects. If you’re working on a mega-mansion, apartment or condo complex, or another large property, the maximum storage provided by a 40-yard dumpster provides the most efficient waste removal solution. 

30-Yard Dumpster

A 30-yard dumpster is designed for large residential cleanups where a wide variety of waste is being accumulated. For example, a total home renovation will create a broad range of small trash like boxes and plastic bagging and larger debris like drywall and wood flooring. 

10-Yard Dumpster

A 10-yard dumpster is perfect for handling residential projects where heavy materials are being disposed of, such as: 

  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Other stone materials 

These containers are large enough to handle these materials in high volumes without overburdening the transport vehicle. This avoids impeding its ability to safely remove them from the property. 

Keep in mind that 10 yards translates to 30 feet. If you want to rent a dumpster of this length, you will need the appropriate clearance. These dumpsters are best suited for large residential properties like apartment or townhome complexes, large private lots, and other similar spaces. 

3-Yard Dumpster

Three-yard is the standard dumpster size that you commonly see outside of a store or apartment complex. Typically, this size has two plastic lids and a three-yard wide disposal bin. 

Many multi-unit property managers prefer to keep three-yard dumpsters on-site on an ongoing basis. However, they can also be rented temporarily for large home cleanups in which it’s necessary to dispose of many small items. This size works great for spring cleaning or minor renovation projects. 

Get a Residential Dumpster Rental for Your Next Project

When you’re ready to start your next residential project, having the right dumpster on-site can help boost productivity and efficiency. To learn more, contact us anytime about our dumpster rentals in California, New Mexico, and Arizona.