Each project has its own demands, and our team is here to guide you so that you’ll find the best possible solution for your project. Dumpsters Express provides the best pricing on 3 yard dumpster and bin rentals in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Specifications of a 3 Yard Dumpster


The dimensions of a 3 yard cleanup bin (CUB) measure 6 feet x 4 feet x 5 feet. This container is similar in size to what you would see behind a business. They are also popular options for places like apartment and condominium complexes. They can store an adequate volume of common waste without taking up much space and can be easily emptied with professional equipment. 


A 3 yard dumpster can hold about 1 pickup truck load’s worth of debris. This equates to approximately 40 garbage bags. 

Weight Limit:

The weight limit of the 3 yard cleanup bin is approximately 500 pounds. No heavy materials should be deposited in this type of container. It is primarily intended for small, simple cleanups or construction projects.

Other Key Attributes:

Many 3-yard bins are front loading and ideal for small household projects.

Features of a 3 Yard Dumpster

The 3 cubic yard bin (CUB) is our most frequently rented container. It is our lowest price container and is ideal for the following types of projects:


Parts of your home like your garage, attic, or basement can accumulate a great deal of clutter over time. When it’s time to declutter in bulk, a 3 yard dumpster is the perfect size for handling simple messes without taking up too much space on your property. 

Modifying Your Living Situation 

Planning to move or downsize? You might not want to take everything in your current house with you. A 3 yard dumpster is a perfect size for a move-out cleanout! 

Ridding Renovation Debris

When you choose to renovate or redesign part of your home, this results in a large amount of debris. A 3 yard dumpster is an ideal size for modest renovation projects where a moderate amount of debris is accumulated. 

Handling Landscaping Waste

Landscaping projects result in a large amount of waste like trimmed tree branches, shrubs, and other backyard debris. These materials can often be heavy and not able to fit into a standard curbside trash can. 3-yard dumpster gives you more space to dispose of the debris without much difficulty.

Are You Still Asking Yourself If A 3 Yard Dumpster Is Appropriate?

No problem! Call (844) 844-0775 and a customer support agent will certainly be able to address exactly what measurement you require based upon the type and quantity of the debris that you are discarding.